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Ah, yes. It seems that Cobra Command has achieved many of its goals so well. Both political parties are polarized and incapable of working together. The Democratic party is bent on dismantling the United States constitution and creating an impersonal socialist bureaucracy that will control every facet of the citizens' lives, all for their own protection, of course. They will disarm the public, regulate their healthcare and education, and dictate how they should feel and think on certain issues. As for the Republicans, they are not united in thought or action at all and pose little threat to Cobra. While a few seem to have an inkling of what is going on, they a minority with no voice among the majority. The majority seem to be divided into two major factions. Both are trying to subvert the constitution by bending its words to reflect it to a meaning that only they see as being obvious.

The first group is the Religious Right. They are hell-bent on making the United States a christian-only theocracy. They appear to genuinely believe that the "freedom of religion" granted in the constitution only applies to the freedom to practice any christian religion that they recognize. Anybody who does not worship as they do or who lives a lifestyle that their faith disapproves of must suffer for it. Some of their more vocal advocates are calling for gay people to be executed in ways that have been banned for decades as cruel and inhuman.

The other large group could be labeled the Rich Right. While it is common knowledge that most congressmen are millionaires already, and that they draw a huge salary with incredible benefits that most Americans can only dream about, there are many who are not content to be simply rich and want more and more for themselves and their super-rich friends and relatives. They are trying to make America into a plutocracy; a nation ruled or controlled by the richest people. For years it has been so close to that already, as nearly all of the nation's leaders have been members of the nation's top ten percent in net worth.

Many times there have been powerful movers and shakers who, like Cobra, have worked from behind the curtain like puppet masters. Doing this has always taken a great deal of money, although often other forms of persuasion has proven effective. We of the Crimson Guard have often been Cobra Command's chosen branch for acting as agents provocateur in these manners. When the Crimson Guard program began, it was made up entirely of lawyers and accountants, a nearly perfect blend for manipulating business, commerce, and politics, along with the people who controlled them. It was a decade later that doctors and scientists were recruited into the red-clad corps.


My name is Paul #28
United States
I have a red uniform tucked away in my closet along with a high-powered rifle. I am a faithful follower of the only rightful ruler of the world's masses, Cobra Commander. I live in Springfield 22 and work in Terrordrome 125 located in the southeastern United States, a land that will soon fall thanks to the weakness of the puppet leader now in office.

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C-Megalodon Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
Hi Crimsonguard, thank you so much for your feedback on some...really, really old banners :D. I'm glad you like it and I wish you and your family well, terribly sorry about the house fire. Also, I am very sorry about this late reply, I've been swarmed with a lot of stuff thus I've not been able to get on dA as much as I like.

As far as banners go, yeah feel free to use them how you like, so long as it isn't for profit purposes I don't mind at all. It is very refreshing to hear a kaiju enthusiast who is also a family fan talk so passionately on the subject, and it is a shame because I don't play MonPoc :D. I did those banners for a good friend of mine and had a swell time too as it gave me loads of practise. I don't normally take on requests and I've not done kaiju banners in years but if you want one I don't mind trying, though I can't guarantee how long it'll take. 

Cheers though and thanks for stopping by, keep checking back for more :)
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Quite welcome, really. Your work is clean, shows skill and talent, and intelligence. I like your sense of humor, and now that I have seen this, I think I'll visit your gallery when I get a chance.

Yes, I am a Crimson Guardsman and a member of Cobra Command, a world-wide freedom organization that is often maligned and misunderstood.
Nagi-Oki Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
I'm not as clean as you think, there's cussin', drinkin', and general jackassery. But feel free to pique through my gallery. I live to make people laugh.
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